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I mistook my familiarity with the Bible, my ability to extract morals from its stories, and my appropriation of its narratives as  allegories for my own life to mean that I understood it. I didn’t know that I was actually a stranger to the text, ill-equipped to approach something so ancient and other from me.

First Days as Family

Since the flood God has refrained from renewal through destruction. He redeems instead of erasing, and creation is the ultimate act of redemption: he makes something new to complete a thing that seemed irreparable.

He is taken to trial as an innocent man, found guilty, and sentenced to public execution. The memories of the angel visit, of your firstborn son’s babyhood, of the holy mysteries you pondered as a young mother turn to ashes. There is more to the story, I know. But this is what pierced me as we celebrated Christmas with my daughter for the first time. Truly, truly, God became flesh and dwelt among us.