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No fear in love

God has, in other instances, rebuked me for being too harsh with people when I should have been gracious to them in their weakness, but I never felt him check me when I was sixteen and yelling at a boy who had chased me through an empty building in the night, or when I was taking a man to task for groping my chest. I’ve felt uneasy about my own behavior, but all I’ve felt from the Lord is an invitation to refine my theology: if God is as committed to the sanctity of his creation, as jealous for his people’s purity of thought and body, as visionary as his Word claims, he must rage against any man’s violation of me.

Little monuments

Bearing witness to the presence of God is a joyous act that requires endless labor. He is so easily found and yet he and his ways can be difficult to remember. After the moments of clarity spent in the heat of his gaze, disorientation sets in, the world threatening to swallow and suffocate unless his words slice through like a knife and make me lucid once again. This is the gift I think Joshua is trying to give Israel’s children: a physical marker to remind that in God’s hands, reality is malleable, and his goodness is its ultimate arbiter.

If the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and Christ comes so that we may have life and life to the full, birth and reproduction are the Lord's lasting reproval of the curse.


I wonder if the Israelites were meant to give thanks, eat, and be done with their daily bread so that they would not be preoccupied with looking for permanence where there was none to be found, but have the wherewithal to lift their eyes to their Maker, and find in the transient gift a reminder of what is eternal. I think this is why the Lord instructed me to steward my one, fleeting life by giving thanks. Gratitude intensifies the passing moment of beauty by leading it to point to an eternal homeland and to the King at its center.