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First Days as Family

Since the flood God has refrained from renewal through destruction. He redeems instead of erasing, and creation is the ultimate act of redemption: he makes something new to complete a thing that seemed irreparable.

If the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and Christ comes so that we may have life and life to the full, birth and reproduction are the Lord's lasting reproval of the curse.

The Lord is doing what he did before, speaking through those around me to help me navigate unfamiliar terrain, making my experience of the unknown more bearable.


I wonder if the Israelites were meant to give thanks, eat, and be done with their daily bread so that they would not be preoccupied with looking for permanence where there was none to be found, but have the wherewithal to lift their eyes to their Maker, and find in the transient gift a reminder of what is eternal. I think this is why the Lord instructed me to steward my one, fleeting life by giving thanks. Gratitude intensifies the passing moment of beauty by leading it to point to an eternal homeland and to the King at its center.