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He is taken to trial as an innocent man, found guilty, and sentenced to public execution. The memories of the angel visit, of your firstborn son’s babyhood, of the holy mysteries you pondered as a young mother turn to ashes. There is more to the story, I know. But this is what pierced me as we celebrated Christmas with my daughter for the first time. Truly, truly, God became flesh and dwelt among us.

Little monuments

Bearing witness to the presence of God is a joyous act that requires endless labor. He is so easily found and yet he and his ways can be difficult to remember. After the moments of clarity spent in the heat of his gaze, disorientation sets in, the world threatening to swallow and suffocate unless his words slice through like a knife and make me lucid once again. This is the gift I think Joshua is trying to give Israel’s children: a physical marker to remind that in God’s hands, reality is malleable, and his goodness is its ultimate arbiter.

The Lord says he remembers everything. He remembers when I was only an idea in his mind. He remembers how I felt, newly formed, resting in the palm of his hand. When my memory eroded, he retained the memory of me; he is the one who keeps the robe and ring at ready, a candle burning through the night, anticipating the moments I come to my right mind and turn towards him once again.